Thursday, October 18, 2012

Reason #76 I Love PEI.

On PEI, drivers pull over for emergency vehicles. Of course they do. Ambulances, police cars, fire trucks. [shrug] No big deal. Everyone does this everywhere civilized driving takes place.

P.E. Islanders also pull over for funeral processions.

There is an understanding that there is nowhere you have to get so soon that is more important than expressing condolence for a community member. It's a nod. It's a bow. A doffing o' the cap.

I've joined my community members in participating in this tradition both on the streets of Charlottetown and out on the highways, pulled over in a long, stationary queue along the soft red shoulders.

Hearses don't have sirens. The don't look different in your rear-view mirror from a black car. They do have little blue flags and dozens of mourners driving behind them. They don't ask you to pull over. We just do.