Friday, March 02, 2012


I've been pinin' for Scotland lately. I was only there once, and it was for about a week-and-a-half, about 12 years ago, but I've been thinking about straight-up living there in the last couple of weeks. I expect it would be similar to Canada's East Coast, climate-wise, only maybe damper.

I've been stoking this fire by listening to The Proclaimers more. I know, I know... there are a lot of other Scottish bands I could be enjoying, and I know I've already profiled a song from another successful Scot band, Travis, but hey, I'm in a mood, ok? Back off.

I've chosen Letter From America for a few reasons.

It has excellent, inventive harmonies and great use of non-lead/non-lyrical, almost percussive vocals.

It uses some interesting tempo choices, too. It uses triplets at the end of the chorus ("Miami to Canada"). The triplet echoes a common tempo feature in celtic music. I love the use of triplets in pop music. Triplets always baffled me, but my life partner B. was never stymied by them. Damn him.

I am also a sucker for bittersweet stories, and leaving the homeland to travel to a far-away land for work is a story we're very familiar with on the East Coast. Nova Scotia is named so for a reason, for goodness sake! Immigrants came here and come here from abroad, and now, Atlantic Canadians are faced with the same issues: leaving home to find work further afield.

One thing I'm increasingly obsessed with is watching how active their mouths are when they make the [r] sound! Look how the tongues dance off the roof of the mouth!


David S. said...

Great choice! We saw the Proclaimers at Mariposa in what the Internet tells me was 2009 (but I would have guessed was last summer. :-( What's up with that?)

Anyway, they were still great and had the audience in the palms of their identical hands. You could really hear the Auchtermucht-ian influence in their songs.

Lynda said...

If you moved to Scotland, I would come and visit you. :)