Monday, February 13, 2012

Northern Touch.

I am from Northern stock. I'm not talking just Canadian. I'm talking Scandinavian.

And not very far back, either. My great-grandparents on my maternal grandmother's side came from Sweden to Newfoundland in the last century.

My dad's family, we think, were Swedes, too, by way of England. In fact, we think my family name is anglicized "Swede."

This is all to say I should be more comfortable in the winters on the 46th parallel of Prince Edward Island. It should be in my blood.

Instead, I feel the cold straight to the bone. It's -15C today, and that's not including a 30km/h wind making the windchill painful. I've been in colder weather, but I'm just sayin'. Hella cold.

I would seek warmer climes, but unfortunately owing to my genetics, I am woefully deficient in melanin. I was born with pale blue eyes, light hair, blindingly white skin with freckles, and an acute sense of irony.

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