Friday, February 17, 2012

A No-Win Sitch.

So, three times in the last three days I've called people out on spelling, pronunciation, or typographical errors.

To be fair, I was straight-up making fun of two of the three.

The third one, the pronunciation gaffe, was an FYI to a broadcaster. Twice, on two separate episodes, I had heard him pronounce "row" (as in an argument) the wrong way. He pronounced it as in what you do in a boat, or what you call lines of veggies in a garden, not rhyming with "cow," as it should. I assumed he'd only ever read the word and not heard it said in UK movies, TV shows, or on radio, etc., where it's more commonly used.

The problem is, how do you express genuine concern for a broadcaster's reputation without sounding like a know-it-all asshole? I tweeted him, too. Now that I think about it, I should have sent him a message instead. Not everyone had to read that.

The internet is such a rabbithole of assholery. The anonymity is problematic, I suppose. This broadcaster in particular is putting out a weekly (or bi-weekly) free, fun, funny, and informative podcast and I'm sitting in my PJs, consuming it. Why can't I just shut the hell up and let him say the wrong "row"?

I guess I could let other people tell him about this mistake. Or professionals in the industry. Why should I take it on? It's just... one of the times, he said it in front of David Tennant, and I know he wouldn't want to make that mistake. Not in front of Ten.

I'm not one of those people that would complain that he uses the word "adorbs" from time to time, even though sets my teeth on edge. I guess that's because it's not necessarily wrong, but rather a strange little selection from his personal lexicon*. Apparently people complain he says "awesome" too much. I'd never noticed.

ANYHOW. This dude is taping his hour-long stand-up special this weekend, which is a big deal for comedians, so I hope he kills. I do think he's doing great work.

Right. Anyhow, the other two corrections were to friends and they know I'm a dick about this stuff, so they can just shrug and roll their eyes and go back to loving me a second later. Hopefully.

* Dropping all but the first syllable of a word and adding an -s makes me happy, for some reason. Maybe because a friend used to always say "probs" instead of "probably." My high school students used to do it so awkwardly... so cute. It's like we're nick-naming words. Dave becomes Dafs. Betty becomes Betts. Jackie becomes Jax. Probably becomes probs. "Adorbs" is an exception. The sound "-orbs" is just so amusical. But I digress...

Monday, February 13, 2012

Northern Touch.

I am from Northern stock. I'm not talking just Canadian. I'm talking Scandinavian.

And not very far back, either. My great-grandparents on my maternal grandmother's side came from Sweden to Newfoundland in the last century.

My dad's family, we think, were Swedes, too, by way of England. In fact, we think my family name is anglicized "Swede."

This is all to say I should be more comfortable in the winters on the 46th parallel of Prince Edward Island. It should be in my blood.

Instead, I feel the cold straight to the bone. It's -15C today, and that's not including a 30km/h wind making the windchill painful. I've been in colder weather, but I'm just sayin'. Hella cold.

I would seek warmer climes, but unfortunately owing to my genetics, I am woefully deficient in melanin. I was born with pale blue eyes, light hair, blindingly white skin with freckles, and an acute sense of irony.