Thursday, January 12, 2012

A Thriller.

The Woman in Black is a play I saw in London in 2002. It scared the tar out of me. It was great to see a horror story played out live on stage. It featured 2 actors and was incredibly well done.

I see they've made a movie of it, starring none other than Mr. Radcliffe, who, after impressing people after HP on Broadway, seems to be going the right way to not be shackled to one character. Good - I'm glad, because he seems to be a genuine talent, and very funny, too. Well, funny, anyway.

Well, Woman in Black seems to be opening in early February here in Canada, and while I'm not usually one for scary movies, I think I'll have to take it in. I wish Sparklin' D and I still lived in the same city... Not that she'd go see ol' Danny Radcliffe in a movie with me...

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