Wednesday, January 04, 2012

University Semester #29 (Or Whatever The Hell It's Up To By Now).

A new year, and a new semester of school. I'm still trying to get into a Speech-Langauge Pathology program, but I'm now applying in the States, and for a Master's prep program called a Post-Baccalaureate year. It's for people who don't have an SLP background to get all the brainy goodness of a 4-year SLP (or, more accurately, Communication Sciences and Disorders) undergrad in one year. I think I'll be in Massachusetts next fall, if all goes to plan.

I guess that means I'll have to learn how to spell Massachusetts without looking it up.

So, these coming months will be applications and researching hoops about how to get into Yankee-Doodle-Dandy-Land as a student, and so on and so on... In the meantime, I'm still in a couple of courses that will hopefully make applications pretty sexy for when I do apply for the MA portion of this odyssey.

I'm tacking on another psych this semester. That's Psych 102. Yup, like 101, but two-ier.

I really wish I could take the second half of Astronomy this semester, but, while I killed in the first half (89%, yo!), I can't risk tanking in the second half for a course I don't need. (I only need one physics course to study SLP in the States.) It sucks, too, because Saturn was behind the Sun last semester but will be visible this semester, and UPEI has a 40cm telescope. Ballin'. I wanna see Saturn! Wah!

Ugh. I don't like the turn that last paragraph took. Still, I'm going to leave it because it tickles me.

This morning I had my first class of this semester's Linguistics course. The prof said unless we'd taken Differential Calculus, this will be the hardest class we ever take. This probably isn't hyperbole, because Linguistics is a fascinating but extremely precise science, and most of the people in the class are English majors who read shit and write about other shit they read and it's all pretty subjective. (I was an English minor, so I know these things.) The prof is a Newfoundland firecracker and doesn't suffer fools. I love her.

Right. I should do some reading. I'm also in a course through Athabasca. It's called Psychology as a Natural Science, and it's reviewing a lot of stuff from Psych 101 so far. Fine by me. [shrug]


Rosey said...

I would LOVE to take more courses from that Newfoundland firecracker!

David S. said...

Spelling Massachusetts is one thing. Pronouncing it is a whole nuther thing!