Tuesday, January 10, 2012


I like to think of myself as somewhat enlightened. Sophisticated, maybe? Maybe not, but enlightened works. I assume most people consider themselves enlightened, too. I doubt most people would straight-up consider themselves dim-witted without comparing his- or herself to someone else.

Anyhow, I've said it before on this interminable missive that I'm uncomfortable describing a man as "hot." It's demeaning, and, because I have self-esteem issues regarding my own looks, I would like to pay the opposite gender the courtesy I hope it would pay me by not reducing a man to superficial blah blah blah, you get the point.

I think I'll start using the term "hunk." It's old-timey and therefore somewhat harmless, and maybe doesn't put quite so fine a point on it.

Kate Beaton's rendering of two hunks. My birthday's coming up. Just sayin'.

Sigh. I've been thinking about this subject again because I've given myself some sort of proto-bedsores and already put myself behind in my courses because I've spent the last few days tearing through the entire (albeit truncated) series Firefly and its feature film. Yeah. About 12.5 hours.

That's not cool.

I mean, it's not cool for several reasons. Reason the First: I am a grown-up and I should be able to say, "That's enough. You have things to do." Reason the Second: when the phrase "pressure ulcers" comes into one's mind it should be enough of a clue that one had sat on one's ass long enough. Reason the Third (and this is the most true-to-the-meaning of "cool" of all the reasons): I should not be so into sci-fi*.

This all comes around to me once again talking about hunks. The new hunk in my life? Oh, Mr. Fillion, of course. He's just fantastic. I have to watch more of this man. (It's a little too early to include him in the illustrious Husband List. I have to do my sue diligence and start watching Castle.) Mal Reynolds was a great character and I love the bittersweetness of never getting to really see him again. Wheadon et al. were just starting to tell the story and we were just getting to see what the hell was up with River.

And then it was cancelled. Bleh.

Happily, I didn't watch it when it was actually on the air - I guess I was in grad school and sans TV. The cancellation may have been traumatic.

Then, today, this little exchange-du-hunque went on on Twitter, and I lost my mind for the timing of it all.

Nathan Fillion

Watching #Community. Haven't laughed out loud this much since (fill in blank).

Joel McHale

Dear @NathanFillion, the cast would like to say thank you & that they love Castle, Serenity, Firefly, your big hands, dreamy face, & body.

Anyhow, please, friends and random strangers, don't judge me for my susceptibility to hunks. Higher reason doesn't have anything to do with this. Look lovingly at your steady partner as you enjoy a meal together and say, boy, I'm so glad I'm grown up and don't let my mind wander to the broad shoulders and strong arms and I am a contributing member of society. 

Wait - maybe normal healthy people think about hunks all the time, but just don't discuss them. That would be nice, if that were true.

It's probably more likely that I have some sort of endocrine imbalance.

*I was chatting with S today, and she said something about how awesome Wil Wheaton is but how funny it is that when he was on TNG everyone hated him. I told her he was the reason I started watching! Hey, I was in the early throes of puberty and I thought he was cute and it was cool that there could be such a young, clever character on a show. But I digress. Sorry that a discussion about hunks ends with Wil Wheaton. Some (not necessarily me) might consider that a buzzkill. Let's never speak of this again.


Rebecca B. said...

I did all of Firefly in a week back in October (SO AWESOME!) and I, too, crushed on Wil Wheaton back in the 90s when it was far more embarrassing to do so. I also had a thing for TNG's Riker and his odd one-shoulder-forward stride. Hummina!

Catherine said...

Hm. Now that I think about it, I wonder if I have Riker to blame for my beard-wonder.

I'm glad to hear there was at least one other person crushing on Crusher. Watching it now, I get why people thought he was annoying. Watching it then, he was my boyfriend.

LuLu said...

Can we bring back "tall glass of water?" I could get behind that. But you can also ask Ashley about our "hunk" terminology on Euro Trip 1.0.

And I get the "pressure ulcers" problem. I made it through both seasons of Downton Abbey in a week. As an enlightened woman, who would be your "hunk" of the Crawley clan?

LuLu said...

Sorry! "tall DRINK of water." Or is that height discrimination?

Catherine said...

I love "tall drink of water!" It might be discriminatory, though, you're right. And, as you can tell from recent posts, I don't discriminate. In fact, young Mr. Ratcliffe impressed me last night on SNL and he's got to be lessly-statured than Mr. Schwartman.

Re: Downton Hunk. My first instinct, which gave me a start, was Mr. Bates, but that doesn't fit. I dunno. It's sure not what's-his-face, the blonde one who Mary can't make her mind up over. Maybe that driver? Nah. Not really. He's not a hunk, either.

Perhaps Downton is a hunk-free zone.

Catherine said...

For the record, though, Mr. Bates is by far the most interesting character to me.