Saturday, September 03, 2011


My tenure as a resident of England happily coincided with the release of Travis' hit album The Man Who. It was one of the first albums I bought in the UK, and it is fantastic. It has four huge songs, including "Why Does It Always Rain On Me?"

I would wake up at 5am to get to work for 6am, and the top 40 radio would play its limited number of hits of the day. Happily, "Why Does It Always Rain On Me?" was at the top of the charts for some time and I got to hear it several times a week.

Catchy and sweet, "Why Does It Always Rain On Me?" reminds me of Coldplay in its mellow rockiness, probably owing to Fran Healy's clean vocals.

I hadn't seen the video before I looked it up to embed in this post. I'm sorry I hadn't. I have a real thing for men who wear kilts casually. I have to research Speech-Language Pathology programs in Scotland, clearly...


Rebecca B. said...

Wow, did that ever take me back! I had never seen the video until just now either. Thanks. :)

Catherine said...

No kidding, eh? These songs are so attached to that time for me. It's good to hear it's the same for you!