Sunday, August 07, 2011


Oh, John Legend. Do it again and again.

John Legend has a knack for going 180° from one track to another. One song can be the sweetest love song and the next a filthy philanderer's exhortation. Actually, I should say the songs swing 120°, because they can easily swing from love to filth to lofty gospel. 

I had a hard time choosing a song. I might have to revisit Mr. Legend at a later date. 

This song is a choice from the killer album Legend recorded with the Roots Crew. It's a long track, but put it on in the background and let it play. This is a cover of a Bill Withers track. I am, almost universally, disappointed by covers, but I think this song benefits from the unparalleled backing band and Legend's vocals (not to disparage Withers').

 "I Can't Write Left Handed"

I also have to throw a shout-out to randy Yenni, my long lost roommate, who introduced me to the man('s music).

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