Friday, August 26, 2011

JCrew In Canada.

So, with the opening of the first Canadian JCrew store, JCrew launched a Canadian site, and, much to my glee, a flat $9.95 shipping rate. That's pretty sweet.

Much to my chagrin, there was a hike in prices. In some cases, a huge hike. Like, for example, a skirt that was $118 on the US site was $144 (USD) on the Canadian site.

Because of the backlash, uproar, furor, etc., JCrew has backtracked and dropped the "duty" part of the pricing, but they're still as much as 15% higher than the US site. Not as bad, I guess, especially combined with the shipping rate. 


Sunday, August 07, 2011


Oh, John Legend. Do it again and again.

John Legend has a knack for going 180° from one track to another. One song can be the sweetest love song and the next a filthy philanderer's exhortation. Actually, I should say the songs swing 120°, because they can easily swing from love to filth to lofty gospel. 

I had a hard time choosing a song. I might have to revisit Mr. Legend at a later date. 

This song is a choice from the killer album Legend recorded with the Roots Crew. It's a long track, but put it on in the background and let it play. This is a cover of a Bill Withers track. I am, almost universally, disappointed by covers, but I think this song benefits from the unparalleled backing band and Legend's vocals (not to disparage Withers').

 "I Can't Write Left Handed"

I also have to throw a shout-out to randy Yenni, my long lost roommate, who introduced me to the man('s music).