Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Spinning A Yarn.

My mother, with whom I once again live, told me I wasn't allowed to go to MacAusland's Woolen Mill in Bloomfield, PEI, because every time I go I bring back $60 worth of yarn and barely get through a quarter of it.

Now, to be fair, that is 100% true. I have enough MacAusland's DK in a gorgeous heathered purple to do a sweater and the skeins aren't even balled off yet.

Unfortunately, my mother may poop her pants when she sees the dimensions of the box of yarn I'm going to be getting out of storage next week. It has about 10 skeins of MacAusland's DK, about a dozen factory-made regular worsted, a couple of skeins of sock yarn (a weight which is both embarrassingly and tantalizingly called "fingering"), and lots of beautiful samples that I inherited from a professional knitter friend. The box is about 3'x2'x2' and heavy, and I'm in deep trouble.

It is enough yarn to do about 20 pairs of mitts and 3 sets of knit dolls of every character in The Sound the Music. Including Rolf and the Mother Superior.

Happily, I can throw her small bunker of quilting cotton back in her face if she gets too tsk-y.


Rosey said...

You should definitely knit all the SOM characters. I can get behind that project.

LuLu said...

And Rosey has a lovely set of penguins that could use some friends. SOM and Mary Poppins characters? Yes, please!