Thursday, July 28, 2011

Making It Up As I Go.

As if I weren't thoroughly ensconced in Nerd Culture, this past winter, I decided to educate myself as to the ways of the last living Timelord.

I am now all caught up on the new series of Doctor Who, and am in that excruciating break before this season resumes in September.*

Please start watching it. I will watch it with you!

I'll serve popcorn! And tea! And fish fingers and custard!

I won't go too far into this fantastic show, but I will say I ran around for hours trying to figure out how to procure a discontinued colour of nail polish that the most recent companion wore in an episode this season. At least I wasn't alone. (I found a dusty bottle in a Mongolian manicure salon in Toronto.) The stories find their ways into my everyday, an experience not new to most nerdy nerlingers.

(Thank you, Whatyawant for the pic - nice work!)

*Correction: it starts up again August 27th, at least on BBC America.


Lynda said...

Did I mention that we saw David Tennant and Catherine Tate in Much Ado About Nothing in London?

Because we did.

Also, stone angels are creepy.

Tony said...

Not my thing but maybe this will help with future endeavours.

Or just Google - make your own nail polish color - like I did.


LuLu said...

Since our conversation about nail polish I have definitely used the phrase "for the Dads" in regular conversation. Thanks for that.