Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Anachronism Submissions?

I recently completed a long solo road trip and at the top of every hour I would pause my ipod to listen to the CBC news on Radio One. Hour by hour, I got the updates on the whole phone-hacking debacle in the UK. When I heard that News of the World was shut, I uttered a little, "woah," to myself.

Ruminating on the closure made me think of the Beatles, of course. If you remember back to Abbey Road and the wicked side-B medley of shorter songs, "Polythene Pam" is an up-tempo song about a kinky girl in kinky garb. "She's the kind of a girl that makes the News of the World," John tells us. Not anymore, Pam - you'll have to settle for being a Sunshine Girl.

It also made me think of another Beatles' lyric rendered outdated by, well, the passage of time. "Back in the USSR" is riddled with anachronisms now. No, people still play balalaikas, but Ukraine and Georgia are now independent countries, and, of course, the USSR is no more, no thanks to Ukraine and Georgia... Pfft!

Can we think of anymore? Other than references to names like Messrs Wilson and Heath and so on?

At least "Her Majesty" is still current!

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