Wednesday, July 27, 2011


High quality. Clever. Geeky. Beardy.

Jonathan Coulton.

Coulton was the man who quit his soul-sucking code monkey job (while his wife was pregnant with their first child, might I add) and challenged himself to write, record, and release a song a week for 52 weeks. He succeeded, and called the 4-album compilation "Thing a Week." Some songs are hittier than missier but the good ones are oh so good.

He leans on geek culture, from video games to zombies, and from robot wars to bacteria. On top of that subject matter, he's a fantastic writer who uses clever lyrics and complex (certainly complex for pop, anyway,) music, backed up with his ex-Whiffenpoof pipes.

He writes his silly songs, but also writes sweet songs about his family and, in the case of today's choice, the dark realities of life in the suburbs.

I've seen Coulton play live twice now, and I hope to see him again soon. He usually tours with Paul and Storm, a nerdy and talented duo with killer harmonies. If you get a chance, drop the ca. $30 in order to see a wall of nerds singing along to the theme song of the first Portal, of course, penned by Coulton.

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