Sunday, July 17, 2011


I suspect songs that I will discuss in this series will be intimately attached to my ukulele. I played Joel Plaskett's "Through and Through and Through" with a friend at my uke jam last summer, and it was a highlight of my time with the group.

This song plays like a stripped-down rocker. An almost-acoustic version of a much shreddier song.

The line, "You're a wrecking ball in a summer dress" is genius, genius, genius. We all want to write lyrics like that. Plaskett has an amazing ability to elicit breathless "oh, my!" moments from his lyrics, and instils a healthy dose of playfulness.

I also love Plaskett's use of his backup singers. These ladies are headliners in their own rights, and you can hear in their voices that they match Plaskett very well - that is, they don't sound like all the other singers out there. I love that he uses these ladies a lot on this entire triple album, and a lot of the time, they sing in unison, a very unique choice for two female backup artists.

A friend once suggested that Plaskett doesn't have a very good singing voice. She said it sounded like he was straining to sing higher than he should. I think that's just the quality of his voice. He's got amazing tonality, or whatever is the proper terminology for one who is able to sing in tune. Even the sweetest songs sorta sound like screamin' rockers; "Natural Disaster," for example.

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