Friday, July 15, 2011


Shall I introduce a series? Sure.

I want to discuss music. Songs. Mostly pop, probably.

My sister says she doesn't really listen to music, and when she does, she sticks to the 80s. I rarely stop listening to music. (I must admit that my music listening has dropped drastically since moving to PEI from Toronto. In TO, I could easily spend 2-3 hours a day walking or on transit with time and ear-holes to fill, but on PEI one rarely walks for anything but exercise, unless you live downtown.)

Anyhow, I just think there's too much good music to stop listening. I'm not bloodthirsty for new music. I'm happy to hear the same old gems over and over.

Hence my choice for 1/365: "Wings of a Dove" by Madness, parenthetically titled (A Celebratory Song). How can you go wrong with a parenthetical title like that?

"Look up at the rooftops, when you're walking 'round/Don't think for a moment of looking down," while steel pans pling away? Choirs? Yes, please.

Why can't more bands today use steel pans?

Madness was a killer band that found success in the early 80s. They had a lot of personnel, a lot of back-beats and brass. I love their extreme musicality which can be almost forgotten behind their flippin' cheeriness. I encourage you to explore their catalogue. You will recognize at least two of their big hits: Our House, and One Step Beyond.

In my fantasy ukulele orchestra, we come up with a wicked arrangement of Wings of a Dove to shock the pants off our stadiums full of fans.

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