Sunday, May 29, 2011

Sleeping Under The Stars.

I pick Ryan Reynolds.

Har har. No, really.

Through a long and somewhat boring series of events, I find myself sleeping on a futon in our sunroom, which used to be our storage room.

I don't have a door, but I don't really care. I have the option to move into a now-empty room, but we started using it for storing packed boxes and sorting out yet-to-be-packed ones, and besides, I really don't care. I've been living from pillar to post for almost a year now, so what's another two weeks?

It's not much of a sacrifice, really. The best part is that three walls of my room are windows facing East, South, and West, and I'm at eye level with a beautiful 4-story maple.

I open opposite windows and at night the most delicious crisp spring breeze blows through. I love listening to the rain and watching the lightning. I feel like I'm camping, but without all the bullshit that goes with camping!

I know now, as I slowly design my own straw bale home in my head, that I'd love to have windows all 'round in my bedroom. It's terrible, thermally, but if I'm careful about size and placement, I could enjoy North Shore breezes all the time in my sustainable home! (In my South-facing windows, of course!)

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