Tuesday, May 03, 2011

It Takes Time To Build.

I figured I should let folks know that I went oh-for-three on grad school applications this year. I finally got the rejection letter from Dalhousie last week. The letter from U of Toronto came two weeks earlier, and the email (!) from McGill came earlier - in March.

Of course, I'm disappointed. I really want to start this part of my life, so now I have to wait until I'm 34 to get into this program - if I get in at all. I regret not thinking of Speech-Language Pathology earlier, like when I was in undergrad. In the 1990s. Christ.

So, I am really not interested in living and schooling in America, but they have a lot of programs and I've been told it's not as competitive (my rejection letter from U of T told me they had over 340 applicants for 45 seats). I'm also looking into New Zealand and the UK. I've been told that Canada has good reciprocity with Oz, NZ, and the UK for schooling and working across borders. I'd prefer to go to NZ or the UK over America - any day, and all will probably put me sufficiently in debt, but it'd be worth it.

Now that I've focused on something, I just want it to start. It's frustrating that I can't just start doing something I know I could do well.


Anonymous said...

You're going to see your sis this weekend, eh? It's probably a good time to get away and relax. Talk to you soon -

LuLu said...

I know many graduate programs in the UK have rolling application deadlines - but would that be the same for a specialized degree? If it is the case, you could at least apply and then spend the next little while finding as many ways as possible to make as much money as possible...(Upside: schooling abroad. yay!)

Catherine said...

Cool. I'd not heard of this term. I'm going to try to get stuff in by September.