Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Finally. Something To Celebrate.

So, after a couple of long weeks (rejection from U of T, putting in 2 mos. notice on shelter in Toronto, screwing the pooch to the max on my stats final), M and my new Irish roommate, R, and I are going to take in Caplansky's community Passover Seder tonight. I'm pretty stoked because I know very little about the practice of Judaism.

The owner of Caplansky's, Zane Caplansky, wanted to host a community Seder not just for Jews who were away from their families, but anyone in the community who wanted to join in. (Listen to an interview here.) He says it'll be a little bit truncated from a regular family Seder, which sounds good to me, because from what I hear, they can become epic events.

M and I are big fans of Caplansky's deli. We like to integrate it into our catch-up sessions every couple of weeks. We're especially fond of the staple medium-fat smoked-meat sandwiches, M enjoys the latkes, and we're both truly devoted to the sour cherry pies that Zane gets from Wanda's Pie in the Sky shop in Kensington Market. Once, when the deli had run out, the blessed man went out to get one so we could enjoy our slices.

Although we enjoy our sammies, I will, once in a while, stray to other parts of the menu. I had a nice BBQ brisket sammy once, and another time, some smoked meat hash. I've had their matzoh ball soup more than once, but I've yet to partake in some pea soup. Apparently the fries are very good there, too.

I feel that since it looks like leaving TO is imminent, I want to get to Caplansky's every week and try lots of stuff off their menu. Like, for example, the Leaning Tower of Caplansky, or their liver and onions, or trout. They've recently rebooted their menu, so I want to explore while I can. It's an essential part of my Toronto experience.