Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Jesus. Can I Catch A Break?

I did really crap on a physiology test yesterday. The physiol. tests are nightmarish - 30 minutes to do 20 multiple choice questions which are carefully written to boggle the mind and be absolutely as similar as possible.

How would a hypophysectomized rat's blood plasma concentrations be affected?
a) increase in T3, increase in T4, and increase in TRH
b) decrease in T3, increase in T4, and TRH stay the same
c) increase in T3, decrease in T4, and TRH stay the same
d) increase in T3, increase in T4, and decrease in TRH
e) decrease in T3, decrease in T4, and TRH stay the same

Or something like this. (I really don't think this was a specific question - I really hope I don't get in trouble for printing it...)

Anyhow, once again in my stressed out, pants-browning state, I effed myself over. Wait to hear about this!

Can I please just start clean, go back a few days and take a big honkin' deep breath?

Pulse racing, blood pressure spiking, I was tearing through my on-line test yesterday and I saw the timer nearing 20 minutes, so I submitted the test. I submitted it!

At 20 minutes!!!

I have 30! Effing 30 minutes to complete and submit it!

I just realized this now, a full 24 hours after I wrote the GD test.

I got an effing 55% on the GD test, and that when when I only used 2/3 of my allotted time. I could have brought that up by another 20% if I'd gone back over my notes and double checked my work, but I didn't think I had time to.

I really want to go have a good cry right now. How can I continue to be so careless and stupid when I'm just trying to do my best?

I've clearly spread myself too thin. I think I have to tell the TDSB that I can only volunteer once a week. Two whole mornings a week while I'm taking 4 courses is killing me.

That's right - I'm blaming the kids. Well, no... I'm blaming myself for taking on too many kids. I can't juggle all that's coming at me.

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