Thursday, December 23, 2010

Thar She Blows.

PEI has been buffeted by a wicked nor'easter for the last three days. There are some places on the North Shore that have lost over 10 feet off the shoreline, and many bridges are now impassible because they've been so undermined.

I live across the Hillsborough River from the Charlottetown, and traversing the bridge in my mother's minivan, I felt a bit like a bobbling cork. The water was so rough, the riverbed churned the whole body of water into a rusty mess, with frothy whitecaps jostling to fight their way under the narrow gap under the bridge.

Even now, at 6pm, the wind in howling. I am going to visit a friend tonight, and once again I'm going to be soaked to the skin again. On the way in to the hospital this afternoon (to volunteer, ne t'enquiete pas), I had to walk at a 45 degree angle to the wind and rain. My umbrella even collapsed. Bah.

Well, it's meant to snow in the next couple of days, not quite in time for Christmas, but I don't really care. We're meant to get 15cm on the 27th, so at least there'll be a little bit of winter here before I go back to TO.

I just hope this storm ends soon. I live on a glorified sandbar, so we can't take too much of this. Thank goodness it's not below freezing, or there would be a huge mess.

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