Friday, November 26, 2010

Welcome To The 20th Century, Prince Edward Island!

Wow. The Legislature of Prince Edward Island has voted to allow year-round Sunday shopping.

Sunday shopping. This has been debated about for decades. Literally decades.

It was said that year-round Sunday shopping is unfair to small business owners. They'd have to pay workers for another day, or lose business to their competitors who were open on Sunday.

Don't think for a minute it's out of consideration for the small business owner. It is maybe one percent about the small business owner. The small business owner is a scapegoat, or, more bluntly, an excuse.

For years, Sunday shopping has been allowed in the summer when the godless heathens come to throw their shekels at the golden calf of relaxation, but only up until the end of Christmas, 'cause clearly that's what Jesus would do: buy little Jimmy a $100 plastic Transformers toy and a synthetic fleece housecoat.

This is the centuries-old Sunday-is-a-day-of-rest crap that makes Prince Edward Island the smallest but staunchest Bible Belt in Canada. I don't care who says it's somewhere in the Prairies. It's not. It's here. Here, in the one of the last provinces to legalize gay marriage (and still saw a gay couple almost murdered last month when their home was set on fire). The power of the voting public who also happen to be backward, ignorant hicks should not be underestimated here at home (not just south of the 49th).

The upside is, churches bind together small communities and there's something romantic these days about a parish connection, isn't there?

Well, we now have year-round Sunday shopping. Take that, Holy See!
(Just 'cause it's pretty. And Fabricville will be open on Sundays in March now.)

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