Monday, November 08, 2010

A Few Words About Civic Duty.

We're coming up on Remembrance Day, a big day in my books. It breaks my heart every year.

I'm afraid, though, that the day is more likely to be seen as a "day off." People may forget that we're excused from work and school to pay a tribute. A whole day off doesn't come easy in Canada. We have very few state holidays, and how many can you name that aren't centred around the Christian calender? It is clearly for an important reason.

I encourage you to find your local cenotaph which is hosting a ceremony on Thursday and go to the services. If it's hard, good - it's not meant to be easy. It might not be convenient or make you feel good to mourn with your country, but it's important to do so. In person. Don't sleep the morning away. Put on your coat, your poppy, and take part in a unique way to show your patriotism.


Anonymous said...

We're supposed to have a day off?!

Catherine said...

Shadowy Stranger, of course some people have to keep the hospitals running, or if you're in a province that doesn't make shops close down on November 11th, someone to man the tills. You should get time and-a-half (at least) for your trouble.
Unfortunately, that puts extra onus on those who do have to work to show their respect when they can.

Laura said...

No class this morning so I'm able to attend the ceremony at York U. I think most Ontario universities hold ceremonies, even if students and staff don't have the day off.

Catherine said...

I forgot about that - I remember being cheesed off when I was at Mac. I'm glad you have the morning free to do what you will.

Laura said...

Did you know that even the TTC observes two minutes of stopped silence today? I was thrilled with the attendance by staff and students at York's ceremony. There is talk of making November 11th a Civic Holiday in Ontario, but it's still amazing to see the people who have flexible schedules take an hour to remember on an otherwise busy day. I'm hanging onto that fact today.