Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Frost On The Pumpkins.

I went out to the front porch today to get the paper and lingered just to take in the beautiful morning. The title of this post is not very true-to-life. It's unusually warm here this morning, but the air still has a damp chill to it. It felt... Scottish. You know: that kind of rising cold damp that gets into your bones.

Every fall the maple by the hedge we share with our good neighbours the MacDonalds bursts into the most surprisingly bright orange. We've caught people taking pictures of it! Today, a gust of wind blew through that tree and I got to watch a shower of those leaves fly over the yard. The burning bush is also alight. It keeps its leaves much longer, and its colour is magnified because it's right next to the glossy green of the holly bush.

The Town is installing town water, so the street is just healing up from all the digging. It meant that when I arrived home there were gashes of bright red clay on the margins of my street. They've since all been covered over with new sods.

Roadworks are a major problem on PEI. Our asphalt shifts and heaves every spring. The Island doesn't have much bedrock to speak of. It's mostly sandstone, which is basically just compressed sand. That means that it's easily broken and shifted by water that freezes down in the cracks. So, in the spring when all the ice melts, the ground is closer to sand than stone and it dances around under the roadworks, dragging it around with it. Potholes are so common, we don't even blink here. In fact, PEIslanders laugh when we drive off the Island and we encounter a bump sign on a road. Usually, we can barely feel it!

Right. I'm off topic. Maybe I never had one.

The Island is wonderful in the fall. Sure, the cold wind whips over the hill that UPEI is sat on something wicked, but it's all worth it. Too bad the tourists don't stay to see this.

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