Friday, October 15, 2010

Bold Move.

Kids, I've been thinking about my Husband List (tm).

Ages ago, and with some wise councel, I decided that there's nothing wrong with including gay men on my List. After all, I'm missing the point if I don't understand that it's not the specific men on my list that I wish to marry, but rather their collective features of wit, skill, personal compatibility, and, risking shallowness, attractiveness.

So, what I decided was: I can allow myself one gay member of my HL. For years now the sitting member of the Gay Council on my Husband List has been Neil Patrick Harris.

I've been doing some soul searching about this. NPH is fantastic. Fabulous, one might say. He is incredibly talented, funny, well-spoken, and an attractive young man, if you like that buffed and waxed sort. Plus, he does magic.

Still, for a long-term relationship, I don't think "toothsome" would get through to my old age. Mentally formidable would. I think I'd rather sit down with Stephen Fry and eschew the chance to perfect ballroom routines with Neil.

Stephen Fry makes me want to write more. And write better. Be more thoughtful and artful with words.

Maybe NPH will have to take a back seat until I change my mind again (which I inevitably will).

Last year, when Craig Ferguson decided to experiment with the format of regular late-night talk shows, he invited Fry to be his one guest for the evening, absolutely without an audience. It was a little like Charlie Rose, and a little like Tom Snyder in the '90s. It was also genius. Someone's kindly posted it on YouTube.

All this, and I'm not even mentioning Fry & Laurie.

Still, the video below that I happened upon this summer, proved to me that eloquence still exists in our world.

The Intelligence² Debate - Stephen Fry (Unedited)
Uploaded by Xrunner17. - Classic TV and last night's shows, online.

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Tony said...

Stephen Fry is great. He makes me think and he makes me smile.