Wednesday, September 22, 2010


I'm totally kidding. You're a ruralist for thinking all we do is go cow tipping.

Now go hop on a streetcar to your big city orgy, you hipster.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Naughty Blogger.

I haven't posted since I moved home. Naughty me.

It seems like a lot has gone on since I got here, three and a half weeks ago. Here's what's in my immediate future:

In the early morning I have to put on multiple loads of laundry and hope everything is dry by a) my phonetics class at 3pm, or b) work at the Confederation Centre box office at 5pm.

While my first load of darks is agitating, I have to march through the Island dew to the shed and remove dead mice from the newly-baited traps I set yesterday. There are sure to be at least one. I hope they held up well under that sprung arm of death. I hate mopping up mice.

So, briefly, here's the scoop on SCHOOL: I wasn't able to get my pre-recs waived for Developmental Psychology, so I had to register at Athabasca, which is fine, I guess, but I'm not keen on taking more distance courses. In the meantime, I am in Phonetics (with a friend, happily), and Statistics, which I've already taken, but I expect a challenge because of the professor's teaching style. (Am I being too cryptic? I'm just trying to be charitable.)

WORK: I've been poached by the Box Office (BO Brigade) from the Front of House department at the Confed. It's a little weird and I had some pangs of being a traitor, but really, it's not better or worse, it's just very different. I like that we spend most of our shifts sitting down since my feet are so bad, but we don't get too see the shows. It's only going to be busy until Hairspray closes.

VOLUNTEERING: Phew. What a struggle. So, the gig I lined up here on the Island turned out to have about an hour a week available. They deal primarily with pre-school kids. Anyhow, I have a lot more time than that to give, so I was disappointed. I called the school board, which is restructuring and in a period of flux (read: chaos), and also the hospital, and eventually landed 2 hours a week in the Speech-Language Department. It's a big help and very interesting to see the hospital side of things - lots of stroke patients, so it's much more focused on swallowing and less on communication (although that is certainly a part of the rehabilitation).

FAM: My Mum and Dad are in Newfoundland right now, hence the mousetrap duties. Before they left, my sister was here with her husband and uncommonly cute daughter. My sister was really sick when she was here, which blows.

WEDDINGS: In my first week home, I attended 2 weddings in 5 days. One had more guests but was loosey-goosey, and the other was more intimate and traditional. It's hard to have a small wedding on PEI, so I was so honoured to be invited to the latter. It's so nice to see people matched up. I played my uke and sang a song at the first wedding. It was lieu of a reading, mentioned in an earlier post. I didn't make too much of a mess of it, but but was I nervous. It was someone's wedding, after all.

Off to bed - laundry and mouse disposal in the morning.