Thursday, August 26, 2010

Te-ra, Corktown.

Last night was my last uke jam before going home to PEI for 4 months. People are so sweet to me. At the jam, I'm at the List Mistress (or Listress), so I do the stage management for the bigger nights, and just let the MC know who is playing next on the smaller nights. Through this, I've met a lot of the regulars at the jam, and I guess I've become a bit of a fixture, because they were super awesome to me last night.

A big group of them got up and sang a Mark Haines song to me. The song was called "On My Way" and it was all about moving home to Prince Edward Island!

Another one, Margaret Mulligan, made a print for me of a uke player, all framed and lovely!

Well, I got lots of hugs and a request to play. Happily, I have been rehearsing a song, because instead of reading at the wedding that I mentioned 2-3 posts ago, I'm now singing and accompanying myself. Sure, why not, said the groom, who is a maniac and adventuresome and I love it. So many people micromanage their weddings, then this guy comes along. He doesn't even know what song I'm performing! He didn't ask!!! I joked it would be this:

I wish.

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Laura said...

FANTASTIC idea on the uke playing and singing. We were at a wedding this weekend that had Dr. Seuss' "Oh the places you'll go" as one reading which was really cute.

So, are you telling us what you're playing?