Monday, August 23, 2010

Night Moves.

The city smells like a basement apartment tonight. Way too damp and sickly sweet.

I'm always surprised how few kooks are out at 1am on a Monday morning.

A Short Exchange:

Dude in bandanna crossing Queen West to get to me: "Do you have a couple of quarters I have bum off you?"

Me, lying, waiting at a streetcar stop: "Sorry, no. All I have is a [streetcar] token."

[Streetcar approaches, less than a block away.]

Dude i.b.c.Q.W.t.g.t.m., almost ready to pass but heads back towards me: "Oh! You have a token? Can I get it off you?"

Me, finding this ridiculously transparent: "Sweetheart, no. I need it."

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