Saturday, August 14, 2010

Follicular Fortnight.

One of my greasy spoon buddies (yeah, I have a greasy spoon posse) told me about Jon Stewart's goatee before I got a chance to see it myself.

I got out of the habit of watching the Daily Show and the Colbert Report. It all happened when I when I went back to school in May. I thought I'd ease into a nocturnal life, sleeping late, and taking my news the way most undergrads do: from the hallowed halls of Comedy Central.

Anyhow, when one of my favourite boys decided not to callously cull his facial hair and I missed its unveiling, I was most disappointed with myself.

And now it's gone now, Jon's goatee. (Or, more properly, people, it was a Van Dyke - it had a mustache.) Two weeks. Two thin weeks and 8 short episodes, Jon was in his beard period.

Now, briefly, and hopefully not stepping on the toes of a future post pontificating on the values of beards, I will say this:

I am generally of the school of "Go Big or Go Home" when it comes to beards. Shaving parts of a beard is basically being half-assed clean-shaven, in my books.

Still, for someone who emulates an news anchor in looks if not in content, I like Stewart's chutzpah at returning from vacation with some extra hair. [No, I didn't purposely use a Yiddish word because it's Stewart - I just use that word. Broaden your vocabularies, y'all. Nu.]

Facial hair is verboten [yeah, now some German - chew on that!] for these be-suited men, as verboten as it is for politicians to wear full beards. When Letterman and Conan wore beards in solidarity with striking writers, it made news. As well it should have - Conan's was a crimson blaze of glory - and I'm very pleased he grew it back for his unemployment/road show earlier this year. In fact, last month when Craig Ferguson wore sneakers and later just a tee-shirt under his blazer, he intimated that it was a bit of a coup.

Well, farewell, Jon Stewart's Van Dyke. We hardly knew ye. You stood for something bigger than yourself - you railed against the status quo, if only for a while. I salute you.

Stay tuned for my treatise on why beards are good 'n stuff.

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