Sunday, August 08, 2010

The Come-Down.

I am finished. Finished of school for the summer.

I wrote my Physiology final yesterday morning, after not much sleep and not enough studying.

I don't really know how well I did. It's so hard to say, since it was multiple choice and they do their best to confuse you (or test your intimate knowledge, whatever).

There was one question, for example, that asked us to identify the correct statement about the placenta. I quickly was able to cross out three of the options (e.g.: "the placenta allows a direct connection between the mother's and the fetus' blood"), but I was left with two that might have been ok. One of them was, "the placenta begins to produce estrogen and progesterone 6 weeks after implantation." Now, I remembered that this (disgusting) organ starts to produce hormones at about 6 weeks, but I couldn't remember which ones. This is where they get you: it sounds right, but what if the actual hormones are estrogen and any other of the billions of hormones in the human body?

Anyhow, I followed my gut and chose that one anyway, hoping those were the hormones, and after looking it up, I was right!

Unfortunately, I only remember approximately 2 other questions from the 87-question exam, so I can't look any more of them up.

I walked away from the exam, sat behind Convocation Hall and called home. I told my mother I felt like having a cry - not because I was upset, but I needed an outlet for all my nerves. I was shaky during the exam itself from all the adrenaline (a catecholemine, produced in the medulla of the adrenal gland, of course).

Another annoying fact I picked up in this epic class is, heightened levels of cortisol, a hormone released while stressed, impairs your immune system. Since I've been jacked up on cortisol for a couple of weeks now, I expect to get a cold any second now.

The courtyard where I studied for hours and hours.
Two hours.

My back and neck are really sore from being bent over a desk and from schlepping my books back and forth from campus for weeks. I am going to spend the next week recovering mentally and physically, relaxing with my uke and reading Scott Pilgrim (joiner alert!). Then I have to pack up my stuff for storage and get home to PEI for four months.

All I know is: our bodies are amazing. Amazing and disgusting.


Tony said...

I bet a nice helping of bacon and eggs would do wonders.

Congrats on finishing.

Catherine said...

Hear, hear!