Saturday, July 31, 2010


I've been asked to do a reading at a friend's wedding this summer.

Oh, and I have to select the reading. Yeah.

I'm totally up for this, but it's a bit of a challenge. We Sweets are not "wedding people," so I don't have a catalog of romantic verses (Biblical or otherwise) on hand.

Another problem is, I haven't even met the bride and I haven't seen my friend, the groom, in about 5 years. I know (at least the last time I talked to him) that he was very religious (Christian), so I assume he still is, and I assume she is, too.

Still, it's going to be an outdoor wedding, I think. The groom is very "outdoorsy" (no doubt what he would put on an on-line dating profile if he hadn't already snagged a wife).

The reading does not have to be from the Bible. Poems and prose are game, too.

No cussin'. No smut. (I know, I know... no juicy stuff from Song of Songs.)



H. said...

Corinthians 13 is the boring, classic standard for unimaginative Christian folk. Though, I would be concerned that someone else is already set to read it at their wedding, since it is so ubiquitous.

I am also partial to Christopher Marlowe's "The Passionate Shepherd to his Love."

I have never heard of someone having to pick the reading - doesn't the couple usually tell the reader what is to be read? Bizarre... Or maybe I am just a total control freak, because I really would certainly supply it to the volunteer/draftee.

H. said...

Sorry, that is "1 Corinthians" - forgot my 1... Darn Christians and their love of sequels.

H. said...

Here's a nice, modern one: "O Tell Me The Truth About Love" by WH Auden.

(Or you could go really subversive and go for something by Walt Whitman... Sing of the Body Electric, perhaps...?

Catherine said...

I hate 1st Corinth. 13 so GD much, and not (just) because it's trite. It's because it's read at 75% of weddings and it's too *done*. Please, people, spare us the Church-sanctioned saccharine.

I thought about Passionate Shepherd, which would work well for an outdoorsy couple, but I am deeply bothered by the rhyming scheme not actually working in real life, i.e. when it is read aloud. Plus, advocating the use of coral is very irresponsible and unsustainable.

Thanks for the other suggestions - I will have to carefully consider them all.

H. said...

I know. 1 Corinth 13 is awful, and massively over-done, but it seemed to suit your description of the couple. What do you wanna bet someone will read it?

How about Sonnet 116 - the "ever fixed mark" one? Kind of over-done, but not without just cause.

Or Emily Dickinson's "Hope is the thing with feathers"? That was is lovely read aloud.

Anonymous said...

Read Rihanna's masterpiece "Umbrella", but set to gentle lute strumming.

I trust you know who wrote this, lady love.

Rosey said...

I was rooting for Song of Songs for our wedding too, but I lost that battle. Make sure you let us know what you pick!