Monday, June 14, 2010


Well, I wasn't wrong.

I was boned. So, I have to shift gears for the rest of the summer.

Here's my plan: I am now enrolled in a 2-credit, 4 month Physiology class and a 1-credit, 2 month Statistics class. I need to take the second half of Stats for my application, which is due in January.

I am managing to pull off a B- in my Stats class, with no small help from a classmate, but I am doing embarrassingly poorly in my Physiology class.

I wrote my second of four tests today and got a 50%. As if.

So, instead of just managing to do "OK" in two classes that are difficult for me, I'm going to not take Stats next semester and concentrate on bringing up my Physiology marks.

This means I have to do one more class this fall, and since it's a second half of a class, it might not be offered. Well, fine. Then I put on my SLP application that I'm enrolled in the January session and will send then grades when I'm done. That's what all the whipper-snapper undergrads do.

All I know is, summer courses are for the birds. They're so intensive, and I am so far out of my comfort zone. It was too much to take on.

Well, I have to go hit Stats now, so I understand what the hell is going on in class tomorrow night. Here's hoping...

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