Saturday, June 12, 2010

Subterranean Homesick Blues.

One of my housemates is moving to Yarmouth for the summer, and she's hosting her big going away party tonight.

I'm currently exiled at T's empty apartment, studying for what will surely be an abysmal showing on my next Physiology test.

Last time my roommates threw a party, it went until almost 4am (and, from the sounds of it, mostly right over the ducts that rattle in my basement bedroom's ceiling), so, being a cranky old codger, I left. I really have to be able to cram tomorrow, so I need to be able to sleep tonight.

And yes, I do mean cram, not study. Dividing my time between Statistics and Physiology was unwise. I should taken one or the other, or paired one with a Social Sciences credit that I'd be more comfortable with, or taken neither and become a longshoreman.

There is no way one should do a complete survey of the human body in 13 weeks. Yes, it is a survey, but it's the human body! The beautiful, complex-yet-simple, makes-men-consider-the-existence-of-higher-beings human body!

This exam is on the Adrenal System, Neurophysiology, and about a third of the course's material on the Cardiovascular system. Yup.

Ironically, I'm boned.

I only got a 60% on my first exam in this class, which is below what used to be my set academic goals of at least a 70%, and well below my current "Rah Rah, Let's Get Into Grad School" goal of 80%.

Well, I have tomorrow to really cram. I'm going to sit here until T's kind roommate comes home and takes back her keys. I hope something sticks. All I remember right now is there are actually something called the Funny Channels in the heart. And they're named that because the scientists thought they were funny! How am I expected to memorize shit about action potentials when I know these things? I would rather these people be very serious about this stuff.

Still, if I had free rein to name stuff in the body, I'd let myself have some fun. No long BS acronyms for me! Ugh... I got to get back to the long BS acronyms. Later.

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