Monday, June 07, 2010

Attention Charlottetown Readers!

From June 14th to June 20th, "The Trotsky" is playing at City Cinema. I highly recommend this movie, and, let's face it: there is a real possibility that you'll never get a chance to see it, at least not without a fight.

Don't go into it with a "it's just a Canadian movie" attitude. I don't think there's any need. It's very good. The rating is good on IMDB, but Rotten Tomatoes is not as favourable as I'd like it to be, but it could have something to do with only gathering six reviews. Also: seeing The Trotsky might be the only time in cinema history that a Lada is a punchline, which is bit of a reversal of fortune, since in real life it's rare that a Lada is not a punchline.

For you mainlanders, City Cinema is Charlottetown's art-house theatre. It screens all the indie and foreign films that would probably never screen at the only other Charlottetown theatre - one of the Empire multiplex chain. It's got one screen and 81 (new!) seats and shows two movies a night. It has a competitive membership program and a loyal population of movie-goers. Besides that, it became a regular outing for the Confederation Centre box officers (i.e. B.O. Brigade), and I enjoyed tagging along from time to time.

Bye-the-bye: what is the gentilic for Charlottetown? Charlottetowner? Ugh. That's dreadful. Charlottetownian? I hope it's weird like Haligonian or Glaswegian. I vote for Charlottain.

Finally: have people seen this? It's a 2-minute Adidas ad, re-working the Cantina scene from A New Hope, doctoring it to insert people into the scene in a way that Lucas dreams he could have for those awful "remastered" editions. Besides the seamlessness of the insertion of, say, Daft Punk, Beckham, and Snoop Dog (?), it's really not very good. "Celebrate Originality"? Come on, Adidas. How can you not see the lameness of capitalizing on the institution of Star Wars, a movie that is over 3 decades old, while claiming to celebrate originality? How about calling flippin' OK Go? They make hella good videos with a 200th of the budget because they use their imaginations!

I am utterly baffled, though, as to why Jay Baruchel was involved in this undertaking. An Adidas ad? Really? Does this have something to do with him being in a new, huge Nic Cage movie? Was he tied to some contract to do it? Was it for "the buzz"? That doesn't seem like him...

Ok, I'll close. I could furrow my brow and raise my shoulders about this for quite some time.

GO see The Trotsky!

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Anonymous said...

I agree. Islanders must be exposed to The Trotsky.