Friday, May 28, 2010

Quick Note.

Of the six children born to people I know in the last c.2 months, all six have been girls.

Wanna know what makes me super excited?

Because of my Statistics class, I know how to figure out the chances of this!!!*

find: Probability (P) that next 6 children born to friends (or sisters) are girls.

P(next 6 are girls)

where P(girl)=.49 (i.e 49% of births are girls)




Holy crap! The chances are almost %1.5!

Anyhow, welcome Svea, Tessa, Lily, Julia, and new this week, Ruby and Alexis. I will be making your mothers nervous in no time.

*aka factorial, factorial, factorial.


Craig said...

You definitely don't need my help with stats.

Catherine said...

Crap. That was my "in."