Sunday, May 09, 2010

Oh, Dear.

I'm a student again. This might be news to some of you. I've decided, though, that I would like to study Speech-Language Pathology, and this requires me to take some pre-requisite courses this summer and fall; to even qualify I need them. And I need to get high grades, too - it's really competitive to get in to SLP. For example, last year there were over 260 applicants to the U of T program, and there are only 45 seats.

So, this summer I'm studying full time. I'm taking 4 credits, 2 each in Statistics and Physiology. I was dreading stats but kinda looking forward to physiology. Well, I've just finished my first physiol. lecture, which is all on-line. I have a lot of catching up to do. I have the pre-recs to get into this course, but it was all a while ago.

My first stats lecture is on Tuesday night. Phew. Thank goodness B is leaving soon. It would be difficult to study as much as I need to if there was someone fun in the house. Oh! I should post about why he's here. That's next.


Lynda said...

Like! :)

Rosey said...

Second the like!

Laura said...

Me three!