Monday, April 05, 2010

Spring Is Sprung.

I'm home on PEI. I wasn't sure I'd get another chance this summer since I'm taking courses full-time at U of T this summer, so we thought Easter might be a good time.

It's very warm here - unseasonably warm. It's been over 20 degrees every day, and so so so nice. J and I went for a long walk up on Cavendish Beach on Saturday, and then my father and I went up to Savage Harbour to snoop around a big construction site and we went out to the North Shore there, as well.

The Island smells like new grass, warm sand and salt air. It's perfect timing - no mosquitoes yet, no tourists, no fee for the National Park...

For those of you who've never been to the Island: there's not much in the way of bedrock here. That is, what we have of bedrock is mostly sandstone, which is just very tightly packed sand. All the ice that froze through it in the winter melts, leaving fissures and too much moisture, so it heaves with the slightest pressure. Our roads get very potholed and torn up, and heaven help you if you're driving on an unpaved or ungraded road, because you could end up spinning your tires in slippery clay.

The good thing about this is, though: red soil everywhere! There's nothing better to remind you where you are than going up to your ankle in ground you thought was solid, and pulling out a rust-coloured sock of mud around your shoe.

The sand isn't always red here. On beaches on the South Shore, there's a lot more clay, so they're very vibrant red, but on the North Shore, the beaches can range from red to pink to white. (The pounding of the Gulf eventually washes away the oxidization.) All the beaches are pretty. They're usually scattered with red sandstones, kelp, and seashells. J and I saw a dead seal! (There was a boy there, about 7 y.o., who was very excited about it.)

The soil in Ontario is very black. I find it quite off-putting. I think I feel that it's dirty or something. This is strange, because I spent so much time in Newfoundland growing up, and it's dark there, too. It's funny, isn't it, that black soil is probably much richer for growing things, but some crops love the sandy, acidic soil that we have here on PEI. Our soil and potatoes are best mates.

Thanks to this guy for the photos.

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