Friday, May 07, 2010

Rolling With The Times.

I have to hand it to the firm handling the advertising for Brita Water Filters. They are masters at re-marketing themselves.

Not long ago, I posted my bother at Brita telling us that drinking water straight from the tap was tantamount to lapping from the toilet.

Now, they've hitched their wagon to the "green" angle, saying that drinking water from a Brita will save untold thousands of plastic bottles from going to the landfill. Their reasoning is, you'll refill your glass from a Brita Water Filtration System (tm) instead to using the devil plastic!

This ignores the fact that Brita pitchers are made of plastic, the non-recyclable kind, and the filters are housed in disposable plastic.

It is also a bullshit afterthought that happens to work for them, but it was never - I guarantee never - an objective of theirs. It's like a company that makes stairwells marketing themselves as a weight loss tool.

There are some places in Canada that don't have drinkable tap water, but I wager there are very few that are along the southernmost 100 kilometers of the country. Like I've said before, drink your tap water. It's fine, and delicious, and virtually free, compared to its value. If it's chlorine-y, it's probably because older infrastructure makes your town's officials nervous about breaches. Someone loves you and doesn't want you to get an infection from faecal coliform! Aww!

Greenwashing has become a real thorn in my side. The last time I went to the Green Living Show, I was appalled. There were booths there touting products that had tenuous, at best, right to be there. It was BS like, hey! this lawn mower uses diesel instead of gasoline! Diesel is a cleaner-burning fossil fuel! Cleaner burning. Rad.

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