Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Note To Self.

I can't wear bangs.

I want this to be here in writing so next time I get the urge to cut them again, I will not.

My skin is too oily, my hair is too oily, and I have a cowlick on my widow's peak. These three factors combine to make for god-awful bangs.

I have been cutting bangs about every three years. That three-year cycle consists of:

1) 3-4 months of wearing them with difficulty and too much maintenance.
2) 1 year of pinning them back while they grow out.
3) 1 year of wearing no bangs.
4) 8-9 months of thinking about cutting bangs again.

It's during step 3) that I forget about step 1) and how big a pain in the ass my bangs were, but there's that one picture that someone took of me that night and my bangs look really good even though I know I had just had a shower and it was a day with optimal humidity and within 30 minutes, I looked like I had rubbed Crisco on my head, but maybe if I use a different size round brush and change my mousse, and blah blah blah and suddenly I'm back at the end of step 4) again.

There. For the record.

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