Friday, March 26, 2010

Run The Good-Will Gauntlet.

I am getting so frustrated and angry toward charity solicitors in the street. You see them from time-to time, with their clipboards and nametags and vests. Usually, here in Toronto, they're collecting money for one of three causes: Greenpeace, SickKids (the big paeds hospital here), or the World Wildlife Fund.

Well, what used to seem like a "from time-to-time" situation has become a scourge.

This is how they roll (proving that they're evolving, not unlike the Borg in their insidiousness): they stand in pairs on either side of the street; four of them altogether. This means crossing the street to avoid them is out (my old stand-by) is no longer an option.

"Would you like to help sick and suffering children?"

Of course I would. Do you know how much they want you do sign up for in monthly payments? $60! A toonie a day!

I don't like not acknowledging their existence, but that's how they get you. They flank the street and make you feel like a callous a-hole if you a) ignore them or b) talk to them and turn them down.

And like I want to tell people I'm unemployed! "Oh, I've been laid off, so I'm not sharing my grocery money with sick children, beached whales, etc."

I can't think of a tidy way to finish this post. I'm just irritated by being forced into feeling guilty because I'm not giving my money away.

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