Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Decisions, Decisions.

I got the second season of Flight of the Conchords for my birthday. It's the gift that keeps on giving (me chills).

It has given me a moment of clarity about my personality, though! This doesn't happen very often to someone as self-unaware as I am, so it's really made an impression.

I don't have to choose which one of the Conchords I like best.

Realizing this was a big deal, because I have been troubled by this for some time. That there was a third choice that was not Jemaine (l) or Bret (r) has blown my mind a little bit.

My gut instinct tells me Bret is my favourite. It all adds up: moppish curls, beardy, slight build, heavy uke involvement, high, pretty voice...

But then when I watch the two of them, Jemaine, all lips, refrigerator-shaped and side-burned does something to me. Plus, he plays the uke, too: check out this clip.

Well, needing to know which is my favourite and not being able to settle has been frustrating me for years. It's all part of my obsessive need to have taxonomies of my life. I understand the appeal of this practice, like the character Rob in "High Fidelity," who uses lists of music to organise his thoughts. I get a little thrill when my mind settles on a list or a "best" or a "my favourite." It's quantifiable, and I enjoy thinking about my reasoning for my choices.

Anyhow, the big epiphany is that I don't have to do that. What a relief.

Personal growth!



H. said...

Happy belated birthday!

Anonymous said...

I heart Flight of the Conchords!!!!! I may need to borrow that second season from you next time you're home. . .


Catherine said...

H: Thanks for the greeting! It was a good birthday and I hope the year is going to have an uptick soon.

Lees: You know it. I'm thinking FotC marathon? I may melt or have a mental breakdown, so be prepared.

NorthernLight said...

Cool, but really, how can Bret not really be your fave!! lol

I must get that 2nd season, I have the first and loved it... Someone said that the 2nd was really different though, thoughts?


Catherine said...

People have said the same thing to me about Jemaine! :)

The 2nd season is different, but I can't quite place how. Maybe it's because a lot of the music had to be composed for the show and not just woven in from existing music. This could be good or bad, depending on your pov. I think it makes the transitions a little more organic, but the songs then don't have as much of that non-sequitor nonsense quality. Then again, this doesn't go for all the music. The characters are all the same, so I'm happy. I would even dare to say that even without the music, the show would be fantastic. If we only heard "Rock the Party" over and over again at their lame gigs, that would be ok.