Friday, January 01, 2010

Wrapping Up.

As I started writing this post, symptoms of a major creepy naked virus took over my folks' computer and it's been at the doctor's for a couple of days. That means I missed posting one last post before 2010.

Oh, well - I totally missed commemmorating the 5th anniversary of this blog in November, too. I think, therefore, that blogger years are worth 5 human years, so my blogging age is in the reckless, careless teens. And I don't care. =scoff= "No, I will not post an image to illustrate my point. Yeah. I'm a badass. Check out how infrequent my blog post are. Yeah."


It's coming to the end of my time on PEI. Well, I have another 4 days, but that seems like too few.

It's finally started to snow here. It was a very green Christmas, and about 5 degrees for days. That was nice, I must say. There's meant to be nasty weather this weekend, though. I hope it doesn't mess up my flight plans on Tuesday.

I went to see Avatar this weekend. It is worth the hype. James Cameron is an amazing storyteller. I'd love to learn more about the technology that was developed to make the (considerable) CGI part of the movie so real.

I heard someone say that Avatar is the Star Wars of this generation. That might be overstating it a tad, but in some ways I understand why someone would see parallels. The scope of the world Cameron has created is like the world(s) we saw in the Star Wars movies. I don't know if there are continuing stories planned for Avatar, but that could help that comparison.

Now, having re-watched Episodes IV, V, and VI of Star Wars on the 24th, I am now deeper in love with the whole series. (It was the re-tooled versions with the superflouous tacked-on CGI, which was pointless. Am I being redundant much?) I couldn't watch the first three episodes, mostly by time constraint, but also with a nod to Simon Pegg's opinions on those first three episodes. I still like Episode III best of those new ones, as one can re-read here, in my review from 2005. If you go read that link, I think you're awesome but might have too much time on your hands.

Wow. This was a review of Avatar which spiralled out of control into another rant about how awesome Star Wars is. God, I'm lame. But, I'm probably the first blogger ever to write about Star Wars, right?

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