Friday, December 18, 2009

It's All A Matter Of Emphasis.

Most often, the time I am most sensitive to emphasis is when I am asked,

"How tall are you?"

This is usually a couple of months after meeting a person, when they feel comfortable to address the freakishness that stares down at them day after day.

Before I came home for Christmas, however, someone lobbed another one at me:

"What do you do on Prince Edward Island?"

We tip cows and drink moonshine.

What do you think we do? We visit friends and family. We play games and music. We go to the movies and see shows. We shop. We cook and bake. We have feasts and beers and enjoy each others' company. In other words, all the things I do in Toronto, only with people who seem to know how to live a full life without a million people breathing down their necks.

I am cheesed about this because it's akin to the assumption that there's no work on Prince Edward Island. Of course there's work here - kids need teaching, hospitals need running, government grinds on, there are shops and restaurants and lawyers and farming and fishing and a million tourists to prepare for each year.

Until recently, there just happened to be more jobs in Ontario. That's why I'm there, essentially. There was more chance of be getting work there. Then the bottom fell out of the economy and I'm competing for the crappy jobs that are left with hundreds and thousands of ex-CAW union members. Honestly, I've been looking for decent work in Ontario for a year and a half, and I suspect I would have gotten something on PEI sooner than that.

To sum up, I guess I'm frustrated with the myopia city-dwellers have about rural Canada.