Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Spitting Images.

I don't really watch what I call "murder shows." There are usually cops and lawyers and brutal, soul crushing crimes. Me no likey.


This guy from one of the "murder shows" (CSI, NYPD Blue, Law and Order, NCIS, etc.) looks so much like a Cardassian, I thought he must have played one.

He has not, but I think he should have.


Laura said...

I saw Cardassian and read "Kardashian." And I thought, yeah, maybe...oops. But I love "murder shows". Law and Order:SVU (with Detective Elliot Stabler from your photo) is good, but I adore CSI: New York. Gary Sinise got me through marking 100 essays last winter and for that I shall forever be grateful to him.

Catherine said...

Is that the ginger one? No, it's Lieutenant Dan.

Laura said...

Correct. I can't stand Horatio...unless I'm desperate. But Miami just doesn't cut it for murder locations like NYC and Vegas do.