Friday, July 24, 2009

Everything Old Is New Again.

In the history of my too-long academic career, one of my favourite professors is Dr. Shannon Murray, of the UPEI English Department. She taught with enthusiasm, passion and compassion. She valued innovative teaching methods, and pushed us to analyze literature in ways we didn't expect.

I took multiple classes with her, but my favourites were probably the full year of Shakespeare I did with her. (I also loved the Paradise Lost course.)

I took many pearls of wisdom away from Dr. Murray, but I've recently been returning to one again and again.

She thought it was amazing that we once wrote on scrolls of parchment and would roll our ways down the document, but then bookbinding became more popular and we all got used to turning pages.

Then, with the advent of the internet, we are back to scrolling.

Cool, huh?

I think I've found another one: before people wore wristwatches, we carried our time pieces on chains in our pockets.

Now, again, we're returning to pocketwatches. Fewer and fewer people wear watches, but rely on their phones for telling time.

Ooh! Clever!

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