Wednesday, July 29, 2009

(500) Days Of Summer.

So... Joseph Gordon-Levitt. I had a crush on him in "3rd Rock From The Sun," and then fell in love with his brooding noir performance in Brick. (Read my 2006 review.) Now, as an aspiring architect-cum-mediochre greeting-card writer guy who falls for the office dish, played by the beguiling Zooey Deschanel, he's a mess - lovesick, confused, angry, and oh-so-endearing.

I love this movie. It was funny as, sweet, and so real, except for this scene I'm linking, which I can't embed (sorry). Click the button all the way to the right if you just want the music, or left for director's commentary. Any movie that has a choreographed dance sequence makes my heart race (except 13 Going on 30 - I hate that movie). I breathlessly watched this scene, and I didn't want it to end.

The storyline is non-linear, but a running total of days in the relationship pops up on dialogue cards, so we can keep track. We know early on that the story doesn't end with Lohengrin's March, but somehow that's ok. Maybe it's because of the finite title. Maybe it's because we can clearly see the pair falling apart. Maybe it's because we've all been there - the obsession melting into apathy.

Maybe it's because he's too good for her! He belongs with me! Ahem...

(500) Days of Summer is a delight. I highly recommend it.

I also saw HP6 and Funny People this week. I might review them from home. I'm on a flight home to PEI tonight.

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