Tuesday, June 30, 2009

This Is How My Garden Grows.

Holla back, jardiñieros!

(Click on photo for an enlargement.)

On request, here is an update on my little garden.

I'm certainly going to have zucchinis growing out of my ears in a month's time.

This is a detail of the largest blossom I've got on the zucchini. I hear they're good fried, too, but I don't want to jinx the whole crop by prematurely aborting the veg itself.

I've got 4 big plants and then 2 more that came from seeds but I thought were all dug up by cats/squirrels/demons. The 4 "bush zucchinis" each have about a dozen blossoms and are bursting with deliciousness already.

The sugar snap peas are not looking great. Something's gotten to the leaves, so they just look like sad little squirts of silly string. I hope they're able to grow properly. You can see them (trying to) go up the fence behind the zucchini in the last photo of this post.

As for the tomatoes: wow!

Some are almost as high as me, which, in case those of you who haven't seen me in a while have forgotten, is very high! My housemate, "The Big Tomato" L, was helping me prune them. She's ruthless when it comes to snapping off suckers. I hope it helps the yield, but I'm a little concerned that they'll fall over on themselves anyway.

Little green marbles of proto-tomatoes are appearing. I wager in a couple more weeks they'll be ripe and L will start to bathe her teeth in acid like she did last summer. (Did you know I have some enamel erosion and my dentist told me to steer clear of acidy tomatoes? The Horror!)

This is my rosemary shrub. I have fantasies of my own focaccia. I have made bread twice in my life, but I dream of making my own focaccia with my own rosemary.

If you remember, I planted strawberries, dreaming of fresh, sweet, ruby treats from my own back yard and not bullshit California. Well, my big disappointment was: strawberries only produce fruit in their second year. Blah! I'm a renter! I'm a transient! I don't know where I'm going to be next year! (I could be in California for all I know!)

The cruellest part is: I have to prune any blossoms it does produce this year so it can use all that energy to establish itself as a good fruiting plant next year.

This is my beet box. It's not doing so great, either. Something is nibbling on the greens, and I don't know if the roots are growing to be delicious! I have to wait and see. I do know that the ones in the sun are thriving compared to the ones with less sun - they're all but dead.

Here's a creepy peek into the way my mind works: when one of my housemates dubbed it the "beet box" my first thought was (and this seemed to be a rational, scientific thought), "Justin Timberlake is coming over." Yeah. Welcome to my life.

So, in closing, here's a good shot of my dresser drawers-cum-planters. I found the dresser on the sidewalk and kicked the bottom panels out to raise the soil level. You might be able to spot the wild spearmint growing to the left of the frame. It's really invasive, but that's fine by me, because I got all the fixins for mojitos!

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Laura said...

Your garden looks wonderful, Catherine! And the the dresser drawer planters are great. I just picked up some herbs and am attempting a container garden in the apartment. Now to find a container...Also, I think I remember having zucchini chocolate cake once. Just in case you needed some more ideas.