Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Garden Is In.

With aching muscles and grungy fingernails, I'm happy to announce my garden is in.

There's a beautiful big maple next door that shades almost the entire yard. I'm sure that tree is going to save our lives in the heat of the summer, but right now, it's difficult to find a spot with bright sunlight.

Last weekend, I got 8 large ice cream tubs. Now, 8 small tomato plants call them their home. I am glad that I put them in containers because I've had to move them several times to find the sunniest spot. I hope they thrive, but I hear tomatoes don't always do well in pots.

I also put in strawberry plants, only to find that they only produce fruit in their second year. Bah. I really really really wanted strawberries this year. Anyhow, the cool thing is, I have them hanging from the deck, planted in burlap bags. Hopefully, they'll trail down.

I have sugar snap peas in next to our neighbours' fence, zucchini next to that, and a big wooden box full of beets. (Hereafter referred to as the "beet box.") In smaller 2 litre buckets, I have basil in. I'll probably have to thin that because I put them in too densely, I think.

I have to get netting to cover the tomatoes because the neighbours say raccoons pick the fruit off the vines and leave them to rot without even eating them. Dicks.

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