Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Spring Is Sprung.

It's nice that Southern Ontario follows the calender for seasons. Once the calender says it's a season, it is that season.

The crocuses have come and gone, and now daffodils are out. A lot of tulips are almost up, and forsythias are in bloom. Once in a while, you'll go by a bed of hyacinths and catch that great smell.

This morning it was raining, and it smelled like a spring in England - cold and humid.

I spoke to the super at a nearby apartment building (they had recently laid a new driveway with bricks and there was a stack of leftover bricks by the back door), and I'm going to start ferrying home a brick or two a day. I want to build up a garden bed in the back yard.

I want to put in

(of course) tomatoes
sweet peas
snow peas

There's a big maple in the neighbour's backyard, which apparently blocks out most of the light and sucks all the moisture out of the ground. This year's garden could be a challenge.

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