Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I'm Gonna Be On CBC!

Well, sorta. I'm not going to be on CBC. You won't hear my voice.

I wrote a question in to Radio3's weekly countdown of Canadian indie music, the R3:30 a few months ago, and they're going to answer it on-air this Friday! I'm even going to get a "prize pack"!

(I have no idea what this prize pack entails - it could be a mug or a slide whistle or some belly button lint. Actually, I was joking but, now that I think of it, CBC is in a bit of a state, bless them, so lint is probably about right.)

The R3:30 goes out live on Fridays at noon Eastern; streaming online. On Mondays they publish (?) a podcast with highlights. There's no guarantee that I'll be on the Monday podcast, but the question will be read on Friday's show!

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